Aam Admi Party Election Win due to NRI’s support- Indian Overseas Congress, Overseas BJP

Chicago. Sanjay Modi. When Aam Admi Party was campaigning in New Delhi, in November, their light Anna Hazare, made a trip to Address NRI’s in United States and Canada, from where the majority of NRI Funds were collected by Aam Admi Party, astonishing the Congress High brass, including the Home Minister, who ordered an investigation, into the Election Foreign Fund contribution. It is not the Finance support, but Aam Admi Party also managed to obtain the much needed moral support, Anna Hazare playing the Gandhian in USA and Canada.

AICC President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Vice President Rahul Gandhi, including BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi, were all shocked with the results of New Delhi Assembly, which could be an Introspection for the Congress and BJP, for the Lok Sabha round in 2014. Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar voicing indirect support for AAP, both Gandhi and Modi factor failing in New Delhi, has given impetus to Regional parties like People Party of Punjab, which could bring a Hung Parliament in 2014.

Overseas BJP Canada Member Ramesh Goyal, while celebrating their win in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, was astonished with New Delhi results and are reserved on the much acclaimed ” Modi Factor”. “He contributed the State wins to C.M. Raman Singh, Anti-Incumbency for Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Political Pundits, especially NRI’s connected with the West, feel Aam Admi Party, now has established itself as a Third Front, by-passing the Yadav’s, Chautala’s, TDP, AIADMK.

Indian Overseas Congress, President Vikram Bajwa, not surprised by the results, agrees with Member Parliament Mani Shankar Aiyar, for a deep Introspection, within the Congress Party, granting of Voting Rights to NRI’s and making it possible for them to exercise their Voting Rights in the respective Embassy, High Commission and Consul General’s Offices, across the World.

Haryana Member Parliament Naveen Jindal, has recently taken up their issue with the Election Commission of India, to let the NRI’s Vote in their respective countries, with the option of Postal Ballots. IOC General Secretary has requested Rahul Gandhi, to lead the campaign for NRI-Voting through Postal ballot, garner the needed support, to enact a bill for “NRI-Voting Rights”.
Mahesh Sinha of Aam Admi Party, celebrated their win in New Delhi and have cautious words for their leader Arvind Kejriwal, asking him “not to form the Govt.in New Delhi”, not to get in the Congress or BJP Trap, but work on the big picture “Lok Sabha 2014″, belongs to Aam Admi.