‘Dr Death’ Jayant Patel should never have performed surgery on 75-yr-old patient, Oz court hears

Sydney, Dec. 12 (ANI): Indian-origin surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel should never have performed surgery on a 75-year-old patient who subsequently died as a result, a court has heard.

Prosecutors told the Brisbane Supreme Court that Patel performed surgery on a medically unfit patient, Mervyn Morris, after incorrectly diagnosing him from Diverticulitis.

“He (Mr Morris) died, we say, as a result of the operation (Patel performed) and or, of not getting post operative care,” Barrister Peter Davis, SC, for the Crown, on Wednesday said.

“But for the operation (Mr Morris) would not have died. It was an unnecessary operation (performed by Patel),” Davis said.

“(The Crown at any future trial will) have to prove the operation should not have occurred. That basic chin of causation is all the Crown needs to prove,” the courier mail quoted Davis, as saying.

According to the court, the court was told after Morris’s death it was established that Patel’s diagnosis of Diverticulitis was incorrect.

Davis’s submissions came during pre-trial argument ahead of Patel’s trial in February to answer a charge of unlawfully killing Morris, the report added.