Family of Indian-origin Chicago lottery winner quarreled weeks before he was poisoned

The family of Indian-origin one million dollars Chicago lottery winner, who died due to cyanide before he collected his prize, quarreled weeks before being poisoned.

In the week since news surfaced that the Chicago man was poisoned to death just before he was to collect a lottery payout, surprising details about his convoluted family saga have trickled out daily.

According to Fox News, Urooj Khan’s widow and siblings fought for months over the businessman’s estate, including the lottery check.

His father-in-law owed tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. His 17-year-old daughter from a previous marriage had moved out of her stepmom’s home and into his sister’s after his death, the report said.

Then his ex-wife came forward, announcing in anguish that she hadn’t seen her daughter in more than a decade and hadn’t even known she was still in the U.S, it added.

According to the report, the victim’s relatives have hinted at family squabbles.