Indian-origin (Devanand Sharma) diplomat is new Australian envoy to Israel

Devanand Sharma (37) makes history by becoming country’s youngest Ambassador
A 37-year-old Indian-origin Australian diplomat has made history by becoming the country’s youngest Ambassador after he was appointed Canberra’s envoy to Israel.

Devanand Sharma, popularly known as Dave Sharma, Australia’s new envoy to Israel, is only the second Australian-Indian to be appointed Ambassador, the other being Peter Varghese who was Australia’s Ambassador to India. Mr. Varghese was born in Kenya to Malayali parents.
Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr last month had announced that Mr. Sharma would replace Andrew Faulkner as the country’s Ambassador to Israel in June.
Mr. Sharma, who was born in Vancouver and moved to Sydney in 1979, has said he wants to change how Australians think of the Middle-Eastern country. His lineage can be traced to Uttar Pradesh and his grandfather migrated to Trinidad in 1908 from India. News