US Leads In Adopting Indian Children

United States leads in adopting Indian children. Between the years 2010 and 2013, over 600 children were adopted by Americans, followed by Italians, Spanish and UAE.
According to Central Adoption Resource Agency guidelines, the ratio of children adopted by Indians and foreigners is 80:20, reports Christin Mathew Philip, TNN.
To adopt a child parents have to pay a procession fee which is 4,000 for the Indian parents and 5,000 U.S. dollars which is approximately equal to 3 lakh, for the parents from abroad.
It also shows that Maharashtra is the first priority for the foreigner parents to adopt their child. In the last four years a total of 637 children have been adopted from Maharashtra, 299 from Delhi, 199 from West Bengal, 137 from Orissa 121 from Karnataka and 120 from Tamil Nadu.
A senior official from CARA has admitted that Indian children are more in demand. This is because Indian parents usually do not adopt the physically disable children but foreigners adopt more disable children. The fertility rate has decreased in the western part of the world so these children are sent to those countries. The single mothers wholeheartedly accept these children.
According to Anjali Pawar, child right activist, many adoption agencies favor the foreigners where many of the Indian parents wait for adoption. They run an illegal adoption racket and nothing can be done once the children are sent as there is no record of the children to follow-up.